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Reputation cast brand, technology to enhance the service,
good faith to open up the market, cooperation and win-win!

Hangzhou animal medicine factory is the Ministry of Agriculture veterinary drug GMP certification enterprises, through the GMP certification, 10 production lines, production of dosage forms are lyophilized powder for injection (hormones), final sterilization of small capacity injection (hormones), oral solution agent, powder / pre mixing agent / powder, non chlorine disinfectant (solid) / insecticide (solid) and non chloric disinfectant (liquid) / non chloric disinfectant (liquid).

Enterprises have a strong technology research and development, with advanced production equipment, with high quality management personnel, the establishment of a good sales and service team, over the years, we go all out to provide customers with quality products, good service, good sales policy, and common development with customers! Hand in hand to create brilliant!

Business purposes: the credibility of the cast brand, technology upgrade services, integrity and development of the market, cooperation and win-win!

Director Cen Yueming with all the staff thanks for many years to the customer's trust and support, welcome new and old customers to join cooperation!

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