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China will promote the standardization of the scale of livestock and poultry farming development of synchronous development

Release date:2015-10-13  Source:CEN'S  Check:883 [Print] [Return]

November 6th ~7, the national livestock and poultry standardization scale breeding site will be held in Longyou County, Zhejiang province. Meeting system summary and exchange, in-depth discussion of the way to accelerate the transformation of animal husbandry production methods and work initiatives. National chief veterinary Kangzhen at the meeting stressed that to combine the characteristics of the development of different breed, different regions, different organizations model, balanced, classification guidance, further improve policies, strengthen the support of science and technology, increase the demonstration and guidance, to promote large-scale, standardization, the simultaneous development of industry, and strive to in promoting the construction of modern agriculture, take the lead in realizing modernization of animal husbandry.

In recent years, through the implementation of performance management, and increase policy support, improve the standard system, strengthen scientific and technological support, improve the operating mechanism and a series of initiatives, so that the standard scale of livestock breeding to a new level. In 2011, China's annual slaughter pigs more than 500 head, amount of livestock on hand more than 100 head, herds laying more than 2000 scale aquaculture proportion reached 36.6%, 32.9% and 64.5%, respectively, than in 2006 increased 21.6 19.8 and 24 percent, the dominant proportion of large-scale breeding of livestock increased dramatically. At the higher levels promote standardized scale aquaculture development has laid a solid foundation. The national animal husbandry industrialization organization more than 120000, about 50% of the national agricultural industrialization organization. The current standard scale aquaculture has become an important force for the supply of livestock products, in order to protect the national food safety, increase the breeding income, stabilize the price level, and promote economic and social harmony and stability to make a positive contribution.

Yu Kangzhen pointed out that the twelfth five year plan is to accelerate the development of modern animal husbandry in an important strategic period, to further unify ideas, clear development ideas, the development of livestock and poultry standardization scale breeding to further promote. From different breeds, laying hens and broiler industry should pay special attention to the application of advanced technology and modern management of facilities and equipment; pig and dairy industry to promote large-scale, standardization and industrialization synchronous development, prominent sewage treatment technology research and development promotion; beef sheep industry to accelerate the appropriate scale of operation, improve the proportion of scale and efficiency. From different regions, the area of middle east ministry to give play to the advantage of science and technology, consolidating and improving steadily development of large-scale breeding number, efforts to enhance the level of standardization development; Northeast China to give full play to the resource advantage, relying on the leading enterprises of the leading, improve the quantity and quality of the scale of aquaculture development; in the western region to seize the central strategic opportunity to promote sound and rapid development of the pastoral areas, accelerate the transformation of the grassland animal husbandry development, overall rural and pastoral areas coordinated development. From different organizations, to play the leading enterprises and professional cooperatives, the organization of the advantages of innovative cooperation mechanism, promote the company + farmers, company + base, farmers professional cooperatives and other organizations operating mode, improve the level of small and medium scale households and scattered farmers' organization.

Yu Kangzhen stressed that the animal husbandry and veterinary departments around the country to further promote the standardization of large-scale farming in the development of modern animal husbandry more prominent position, strengthen the organization and leadership, pay close attention to the implementation of the work. First, focus on the demonstration driven. Continue to create a standardized animal model as the starting point, innovation organization, enhance the capacity to promote the demonstration field. Continue to organize a standardized scale aquaculture site, to build a platform to learn from the exchange between regions. Two is to focus on strengthening scientific and technological support. Relying on national and local industrial technology system, strengthen the training and guidance of practical technology, to help farmers solve technical problems. Further research and development of standard supporting technology, advanced facilities and equipment, and the application of standard system. Implementation of the pig and other genetic improvement plan, to speed up the process of breeding varieties. Increase the occupation skill training and identification of livestock and poultry breeding, training a number of high-quality livestock breeder and breeder line. Three is to focus on promoting industrial management. To encourage and guide leading enterprises to play a role in the radiation, to help farmers develop standardized production. Combing the development of domestic animal husbandry and professional cooperation organization, and refining the effective mode of promoting the development of standardized scale breeding, and gradually promote the application. Four is to focus on solving development problems. To strengthen communication and cooperation with the financial sector to promote the introduction of financial services for the development of scale farms (households) and products and products. Actively seek support from the relevant departments, as soon as possible to carry out the investigation and planning of livestock and poultry breeding. Integrated curing effective mode of manure treatment and utilization, and gradually extended on the basis of pilot. Five is to strengthen the publicity and guidance. Vigorously promote the central and local support for the standardization of the scale of the development of the policy, to ensure that the policy of open and transparent, mobilize the enthusiasm of the scale of the development of standardization, and vigorously promote the advanced and successful experience, create a good atmosphere for the development of standardized scale breeding, and vigorously promote the effectiveness of the demonstration, better play a demonstration effect

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