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Chinese veterinary drug enterprises integrity and self-discipline commitment

Release date:2015-10-13  Source:CEN'S  Check:878 [Print] [Return]

September 3rd, sponsored by the China Veterinary Association, animal husbandry and veterinary drug companies committed by the integrity of the Chinese veterinary drug enterprises in Beijing held by the fourth Chinese veterinary drug industry, the responsible person from the veterinary drug industry to strengthen the integrity of the veterinary drug industry to strengthen the integrity of the drug industry, we have unanimously expressed firm commitment to the factory, the home, and strive to promote China's aquaculture industry, animal products safety and public health security. Tianjin vigor group company chairman Wang Lianmin on behalf of the veterinary drug production enterprise to make production of qualified veterinary commitment, Beijing Taixin Fu Min pig Co., Ltd. technical director on behalf of the Xiao Chu farming make commitment to drug safety. The state's chief veterinarian, President Yu Kangzhen attended the China Veterinary Association commitment activities.

To participate in the activities of the national veterinary drug companies responsible for the consistent commitment to further improve the internal management system and quality management system, strengthen staff training, improve corporate integrity mechanism, from their own, and strive to improve product quality, to strictly control product purchase and sale process, establish a complete sales record, not directly to livestock and poultry breeding business sales of raw materials, do not buy, sell people use drugs, do not sell fake and shoddy products, and resolutely do not operate contraband drugs. To establish a scientific and perfect after-sales service system, the true and accurate service customers, do not exaggerate the publicity, do not arbitrarily change the content of the label, do not mislead the user, and actively guide the safety and rational use of veterinary drugs. We agree that we should uphold science and technology, pay attention to innovation, respect for other people's intellectual property, do not infringe, do not steal other people's patented technology, do not copy, not to steal other people's trademarks, product identification. Strengthen self restraint, actively accept and actively cooperate with the industry authorities in charge of the work, the courage to take responsibility for product quality.

China Veterinary Medicine Association official said, this year is full of opportunities in our country, the State Council issued the "national long-term animal disease prevention and control plan (2012-2020)", put forward China's animal disease prevention and control work of guiding ideology, development goals, major tasks and measures, to the veterinary industry made higher requirements. As China Veterinary Medicine Association has a responsibility, obligation to appeal to member companies, especially the national veterinary drug companies, according to regulations, compliance management, continue to strengthen the quality and safety of veterinary drug awareness, adhere to the credibility of the supremacy, the courage to take social responsibility, strict quality control of raw materials, to ensure that the factory product inspection qualified, do the industry's integrity system construction.

It is understood that this year is the Chinese veterinary medicine veterinary drug enterprise integrity building, before the Chinese veterinary medicine conference, the Association issued a industry integrity and self-discipline of the industry, and the organization of veterinary drug companies to strengthen the integrity of the veterinary drug industry has signed a commitment to the integrity of veterinary drug companies, this time in the Chinese veterinary drug business integrity and self-discipline commitment is one of the activities of the association.

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