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Reproduction and reproductive regulation of female sheep

Release date:2015-10-13  Source:CEN'S  Check:990 [Print] [Return]

One, the female does not heat

Because the female is not difficult to identify the cause of the disease is not difficult to identify the cause of the disease, the general work can only be treated by drug treatment.

If because of the presence of persistent corpus luteum and induced estrus, with cloprostenol (PG) 0.2mg / head muscle injection, 4 days can oestrus.

If it is because of the ovarian quiescence induced estrus with pregnant mare serum (PMSG) 500 ~ 1000 units / head intramuscular injection, 4 days can also be estrus.

Because pregnant horse serum (PMSG) the price is expensive, in the production practice, generally according to the above mentioned before and after the sequential use of medicine. But sometimes in order to save time, improve the cure rate, often take two drugs at the same time.

Two, increase the number of lambing1

At the end before estrus at the beginning of a day of estrus or or estrus, muscle injection of pregnant mare serum (PMSG) 800 ~ 1200 units / head; warm period, intramuscular injection of cashmere promoting sex hormone (hCG) 500 ~ 1000 units / head; mating, intramuscular injection of multiple births prime 15ug/ head.

With the increase of the dosage of pregnant horse serum (PMSG), the better the effect of the increase of the yield. If the variety of twins, multiple births, the better, the better the effect of drugs.

In the breeding, intramuscular injection of fecundin 15ug/ head, can improve the effect of ovulation and pregnancy rate, can be used alone.

Three, the same period of the same period of the female

The same period in the treatment of PG

With cloprostenol (PG) of sheep synchronization of estrus, the prerequisite is the breeding season to ewes have begun to estrous cycle. In the period of fourth to 16 days of the day of the cycle of the sheep, the use of (PG) is effective, the rate of the heat of a drug is about 70%. Use of cloprostenol (PG) dosage of intramuscular injection of 0.1 ~ 0.2mg/ head. Use of cloprostenol (PG) estrus after the first estrus conception rate is low, the second period is relatively concentrated and normal pregnancy rate. Therefore, treated with cloprostenol (PG) are often not insemination, 14 days again with cloprostenol (PG) processing, so as to obtain higher in estrous rate (about 80 ~ 85%) and conception rate.

Use of cloprostenol (PG) after treatment, generally within 4 days of estrus ewes observed in estrus, breeding for 12 hours. But the observed rate of the sheep was usually lower than the actual rate of ovulation. Therefore, in the 48 72 hours after the end of treatment, two times the heatsynch pregnancy rate will be higher.

Also in the use of cloprostenol (PG), depending on the body weight injection of pregnant mare serum (PMSG) 300 ~ 700 units / head, to promote the development of follicle, estrus synchronization and improve the number born has a role. The rate of heat can reach more than 90%.

Four, Super Ovulation

In the production of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) treatment, the general volume of sheep for 120 to 180 units / head, the amount of goats for 180 to 280 units / head. Common decline method.

Donor sheep at the end of treatment with cloprostenol (PG) 0.1 ~ 0.2mg / head, intramuscular injection of secondary, to enhance the effect of superovulation; breeding and with luteinizing hormone (LH) 200 ~ 400 units / head or velvet gonadotrophin (hCG) 1000 ~ 2000 units / head or LRH No. 3 (lhrh-a3) 15ug/ head.

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