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2012 Hannover International Livestock Exhibition

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2012 Hannover International Livestock Exhibition

Time: November 13, 2012 to 16 place: Hannover Exhibition Center, Germany

Exhibition profile

November 13, 2012 to 16, with nearly 20 years of history, the world's largest animal husbandry event of the German international animal husbandry technology and management exhibition will be held in Hannover, germany. This exhibition is the world's leading event for the world's animal husbandry industry. Here are all the information you want to know, including the development of animal husbandry, the most cutting-edge machinery equipment, animals (cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, aquatic products, etc.), and animal husbandry management technology and services, etc.. In addition, the German international animal husbandry technology and management exhibition will also show a large number of technologies and machinery related to the production and utilization of biomass energy.

The scale of the exhibition: the total area of animal husbandry exhibition in Hannover is 180000 square meters, and there are nearly 1967 exhibitors, including about 801 exhibitors (40%) from 49 countries and regions outside germany. Exhibition attracted 13 million professional buyers come to visit, which approximately 2.3 million from outside Germany, countries and regions, 61% for commercial farmers is exhibitors to the final customer.

Hannover animal husbandry and animal husbandry exhibition, a total of more than 550 exhibitors. The theme of this exhibition "from the wood and sugar beet sugar refining energy" widely popular.

To help Chinese animal husbandry enterprises to broaden their horizons, strengthen cooperation with the international animal husbandry industry, understand the international livestock market, especially the European animal market structure and product demand, we will be with the relevant associations, with the aid of the exchange during the exhibition, organized by the Chinese and foreign enterprises, and according to the business needs of European companies face to face.

Exhibit content

1, animal feeding and breeding technology, trade,

2, farm input services

3, feed stock and nutrients protection

4, housing environment construction and Management

5, management consulting services

6, biomass energy and localized supply

7, milking and cooling machinery and equipment

8 manure processing machinery

9, transportation equipment and related

10, livestock products processing and sales

11, other equipment, accessories and fittings

12, animal husbandry and feeding machinery and equipment

13, environmental control and environmental technology

14, veterinary drugs, information, investment

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